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Michael Garcia

What ever happened to just having a glass of wine?

When I think wine bar, I conjure this image of a long, S-shaped granite bar with snooty people quaffing 2 oz. pours of wine confidently determining the residual sugar content of each, while signing up for Tuesdays class on Merlot. What ever happened to just having a glass of wine?

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood lounge, except we only serve wine...

I just wanted to create a place for a more sophisticated crowd (dare I say adults, maybe grown-ups) to hang out. There was no place in the city of Palo Alto (or anywhere else for that matter) for us 30, 40, 50-somethings to relax after hours. All the other “wine bars” are really just restaurants with a bar inside that serves wine, but then kick you out at 10pm when the restaurant closes.

Quality wine is found in many forms — It comes at different prices, from different countries, different regions, and different appellations within those regions. It comes in different colors and now even with different closures and packaging.

I don’t believe in limiting my guests’ selections to a certain region, nor a certain price range, nor even by what score a particular magazine, or “critic,” gives the wine. I want to give my guests the opportunity to taste wines from all over the world, in different price ranges, and judge for themselves.

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